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Parabolan is the brand name for the anabolic steroid known as Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.  Parabolan is one of the most powerful injectable steroids that is used by many bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts Kaufen Parabolan Injektion Tren Hex Online.

In addition to the power, it is also notable for the lack of aromatization, a fairly long period of activity and a large number of positive effects that occur during a Parabolan cycle.  Its androgenic effect is 2 times higher, and anabolic effect is 5 times higher than Testosterone.  Tren Hex is the only form of Trenbolone that was approved for human use.

The half-life of this compound is around fourteen days.  This steroid is ideal for bulking, cutting, strength gaining and/or lean mass additions.  Tren Hex is often used in a bodybuilder’s cutting or pre-contest cycle because of how quickly fat can be lost.

Another positive result of using Tren Hex is the appearance of a 3D look because of the hardening benefits of this drug.  When used for cutting, Tren Hex can be stacked with Winstrol, Anavar, Primobolan and Masteron (to name a few). On the other hand, when used in a bulking cycle, users stack Tren Hex with Dianabol or Anadrol and Deca-Durabolin.  The list does not stop there: Acquista Parabolano Tren Hex in Italia.

An example of a ten week cutting cycle with Tren Hex looks like this:

This cycle will promote leanness as well as muscle definition and hardness and the appearance of veins and striations Injection de Hex en ligne en France.

  •  An example of a ten week mass gaining cycle looks like this:

Weeks 1-7: Tren Hex 200mg-300mg per week, Turinabol 50mg per day, Testosterone Enanthate 750mg per week.

Weeks 8-10: Testosterone Propionate 100mg each other day.

The user should expect mass gains which will be lean and hard without excess water weight. massive muscles growth.

It is important to note that any form of Trenbolone is not suggested for use by those who have not cycled with steroids before.  Those who have used steroids before but have not used Trenbolone should start off with a dose between 150-250mg per week Comprar real Inyeccion de Parabolan Tren Hex En linea. Intermediate steroid users may cycle with doses between 250-450mg per week and those with more advanced steroid experience may venture up to 500mg per week.  There are instances where professional bodybuilders and athletes go above 500mg per week but because this steroid is so powerful, most will follow the rule that says, “Less is more.”