Turinabol 10


Product Name: Turinabol 10 mg
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Package: 10 mg (50 pills)


Turinabol is potent oral steroid by Alpha Pharma to help you achieve great strength performance even for beginners. The active ingredient is 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Turinabol). It is very popular among athletes, as it is a high-quality and reliable remedy. The drug increases the thickness of muscle fibers without retaining fluid inside it.

Effects of Turinabol

The drug has a number of positive effects when used correctly:

  • Increase in strength indicators
  • Slight increase in muscle mass
  • Increased endurance levels
  • Increased appetite
  • Speed indicators are improved.


The average dosage of Turinabol is from 20mg to 30mg per day (2-4 tablets). It is best to take the drug in the recommended dose, since exceeding it can lead to undesirable consequences. If your weight is more than 90kg and you are no longer a beginner to the use of steroids, then you can increase the dosage to 40mg per day. Nevertheless, despite the quality and reliability of the drug, it is better to take it in moderate dosages while following the recommendations. It is also advised to undergo PCT after the cycle. 

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Side Effects

Despite the minimal aromatization of the drug, side effects may occur, such as problems with the skin, prostate, liver, hair loss, and gastrointestinal upset. These side effects usually occur when the dosage is exceeded and the drug is taken incorrectly, as well as from too long use. If you want to achieve the desired results without causing health problems, then we advise you to follow the instructions and follow the recommendations.


Analysis of online reviews of the drug shows that they are mostly positive. Many people note that the drug is effective, powerful, affordable, inexpensive and harmless if the recommendations are followed.

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