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Diversify your training program with CrossFit

Fitness today does not need advertising. It is more important to talk about the intricacies of certain workouts. One of the important aspects is the rejection of monotonous activities. First, they stop being enjoyable. Secondly, the effect gradually decreases, which leads to dissatisfaction. To avoid this, diversify your program, for example with CrossFit.


These CrossFit workouts are made up of exercises that have come to fitness from completely different sports such as, light and weightlifting, gymnastics and general physical fitness. But many of them have undergone small changes (in speed, work with weight). In Russian terminology, 4 groups are mainly distinguished:

  1. Pushing;
  2. Pulling;
  3. Cardio;

However, in the international system, a slightly different classification is adopted and one lesson includes exercises of at least 3 blocks:

  • W – Exercises with additional weight;
  • G – Bodyweight exercises;
  • M – C

The advantage of such strict divisions, is that in each group there are exercises for beginners and professionals, for those who are engaged in an equipped gym and for street athletes also.

The compatibility of CrossFit exercises can be any, but there are a couple of recommendations:

  1. It will be difficult for beginners to perform exercises in a row on one muscle group with and without weights. Therefore, when composing the WOD, see exercises to distribute the load throughout the body.
  2. At an advanced level, it can be helpful to start with squats for example and end with a run, or include barbell presses and push-ups in the program – this will give a new impetus to progress.

Exercises with weight (W)

In the category of exercises with weight, there are many classics:

  • Barbell bench press
  • Taking a barbell to the chest
  • Bench press lying with an average grip
  • Deadlift
  • Deadlift with dumbbells
  • Barbell jerk
  • Weighted jerk
  • Lunges with dumbbells forward

There are also exercises modified for CrossFit or specially designed for it, such as:

  • Explosive squats

They differ from the classic ones in that instead of the usual smooth exit, you have to jump up. Of course, you can’t do this exercise with a barbell. But a small weight is acceptable.

  • Overhead Squat

It is necessary to start injecting into your program only with a light weight (with a PVC tube, for example), otherwise the technique will suffer. And this is the main cause of injury.

A very wide grip is required, the legs are wider than the shoulder joints, the toes point outward. Sit down below, parallel with the floor. Lift the bar off the floor and bring the bar overhead with your arms straight. Bring your chest forward with your shoulders back, your torso tilted slightly forward, but your lower back is straight. The head is an extension of the body, look straight ahead.

And start lifting up, straining the abdomen and holding the hips with support on the heels, do not unbend your knees to the end and exhale at the top.

Weighted CrossFit exercises can be difficult, but for many who enjoy these workouts, they use supplements to gain lean muscle, definition and greater endurance levels. The most effective training aids for this purpose are Methyltrenbolone, Anavar, Superdrol or Winstrol. With the use of these substances, an athlete can benefit from weight loss, a toned and defined body and a major increase in their strength and endurance performances. Typically, these training aids are taking for 4-6 week durations, which in this time, an athlete can gain 6-12 months’ worth of results.

  • Walking lunges

Raise the weight with which you will work (barbell, dumbbells, kettlebell) over your head on straight arms and while holding it, make a wide lunge forward with your left leg, bending your right so that the knee touches the floor. After that, fixing the position of your left leg, pull your right leg to it. The next step is with the right foot.

  • Mahi giri

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, transfer your body weight to your heels. Take a kettlebell in a closed grip, straighten your arms and body. Bring your hips back, bend your knees and push your shoulders forward. Sharply tense the buttocks, fix the position of the knees and push the kettlebell forward, at the same time unbending the legs and back, lift the kettlebell on straight arms above the head up and naturally drop it down. After this, perform the next repetition immediately.

  • Farmer’s walk

Walking, in which the hands are filled with significant weights and are held alongside the body within the exercise. This is mainly used within powerlifting competitions, but is also very effective using lighter weight within the CrossFit workouts.

Bodyweight exercises (G)

In this category, classic exercises from gymnastics are allowed:

  • Pull-ups on uneven bars and rings
  • Pistol (squats on one leg)
  • Climbing the rope
  • Plank

However, just like in the previous category, there are many “reworked” exercises.

  • Kipping

Or CrossFit pull-ups. They differ from traditional ones by adding a snatch at the beginning of the exercise. It is needed in order to be able to maintain a high speed of the exercise.

  • Explosive push-ups

Push-ups, in which during the lifting, you must sharply push yourself up and tear your palms off the floor for a few seconds. By the way, there can be no relaxation in CrossFit. Repetition is valid only when the trainee has completely touched the floor with his chest and stomach. Beginners should start from the starting position not on straight legs, but on their knees.

  • Leg pull-ups

Performed on the crossbar. You need to hang on the horizontal bar and pull your knees towards you, while leaving the body motionless. This will mainly workout the lower abdomen.

  • Angle

Exercise for the abdomen on the bar. Hang on it and pull your straight legs to a 90-degree angle to the body and hold for a few seconds. Lower back down and repeat the next rep.

  • Situp

Exercise for the abdomen on the floor, lifting the body up to a sitting position. As a complication, try lifting with a barbell or bodybar to increase the working load.

  • L-pose + push-ups

Sit on your knees 60-90 cm from the wall (depending on your height, so that your legs then reach the wall), hands are supported on the floor and are wider than your shoulders. Straighten parallel to the floor, rest your feet against the wall, hold for 15 seconds. Advanced athletes add push-ups from this position to greater the load.

  • Burpees (burpee)

An exercise that is respected in all fitness areas. It is able to tune the heart to active work in a matter of seconds. In CrossFit, different variations of burpees are possible, but regardless of which variation you choose, they will become a great asset in your CrossFit training program.

Sit down, rest your knees on your chest, palms under your shoulders.

  1. Classic: Jump back, straightening your legs, sharply bring them back to your chest, jump up, collecting your arms above your head.
  2. Complicated Burpee: Jumping back, push up from the floor and only then return your legs to your chest and jump up.
  3. Dumbbell Burpee: Take dumbbells and rest them on the floor. Perform the exercise (with or without push-ups), and while jumping up, keep your arms along the body.
  4. Burpee with sandbag (sandbag): Performed as a classic, only at the end of the bag you need to raise above your head.

Variations of the burpee are also possible with jumping over a barbell or a high obstacle, jumping onto a 60 cm box at the end of the repetition. To enhance the performance within the CrossFit bodyweight workouts, often Primobolan and T3 are used in order to heighten the long term performances and lose the unwanted bodyweight.

  • Bear walk (penetration)

Another very popular exercise, which consists in moving on the arms and legs at the same time, while the main thing is to rearrange the opposite arm and leg in one step.

Kneel on the palm of your hand, feet shoulder-width apart. Place your knees and feet firmly in line with your hands. Lift your knees off the floor, as this is the starting position. From it we begin to walk. For 1 approach, you need to take 30 steps by each side. For weighting, athletes take dumbbells in their hands, put weights on their legs. Alternatively, step not forward, but backwards or to the sides.

Cardio exercises (M)

Cardio exercises are very important in CrossFit, but their main advantage is that there are always difficult elements on their list for advanced athletes and the easiest ones for beginners. For girls, there are also special exercise programs.

  • Jumping over an obstacle

Its height usually does not exceed 60 cm, however advanced CrossFit athletes do not like to set limits on their capabilities. To perform this exercise, you need to sit down next to the obstacle and from this position jump over it, immediately turn around and jump back. It is not required to fully straighten after jumping.

  • Jumping onto a box with a height of 60 cm

Another classic CrossFit exercise. You can start from 50 cm, and advanced athletes then take pedestals with a height of 75 cm. It is worth pushing off the floor with two feet, and you can go down in several ways, including jumping off with two feet, alternately descending with your left and right feet.

Beginners can walk up the hill, changing their legs each time.

For greater cardiac outputs, many athletes use Clenbuterol in order to open up their lungs and in return, they are provided with greater cardiac abilities that will certainly enhance these Cardio M exercises. With its use, an athlete can burn fat rapidly while gaining increased endurance levels within their workouts. You can find Clenbuterol and the other named training aids within our online store with further information on their uses and many great benefits for the athlete!

  • Skipping rope

Everyone knows this exercise, but in CrossFit, jumping has some differences. In one jump, you need to roll the rope twice, as a result of which you have to jump higher.

  • Running

Shuttle, interval, 1-2 km, high knee lift, etc. There are many running options in CrossFit. The most effective distances are considered to be no more than 1 km.

Having mastered several exercises from each category, even a beginner can compose a WOD for themselves. By choosing the correct training plan, a matched diet and the right training aids for your needs, success is only around the corner!


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