Product Name: Testo-Non-1 250 mg/ml
Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
Substance: Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Decanoate
Package: 10 ampoules (250 mg/ml)


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Testo-Non-1 is a testosterone mix also known as Sustanon produced by the pharmaceutical company Maxtreme and is used by experienced athletes to increase muscles and strength. It is one of the longest acting steroids that has a pronounced anabolic effect and rarely causes side effects.

Properties and effects

Supplied in 1ml ampoules, each milliliter of Sustanon contains 250mg of “fast” and “slow” testosterone esters: 30mg of Propionate, 60mg of Phenylpropionate, 60mg of Isocaproate and 100mg of Decanoate. Due to the different periods of the life of the esters, Sustanon gives its effect the very next day after the injection and remains active for almost a month.

Its effects include:

  • Increased tone;
  • Promotion of rapid weight gain and recovery in conjunction with Decanoate;
  • It has a positive effect on the condition of the heart muscle;
  • Burns fat;
  • Moderately retains water to protect ligaments and joints from injury.

How to use

The cycle lasts from 14-16 weeks. 250-500mg of Sustanon is administered weekly. Before administration, the ampoule is warmed up to reduce pain during the injection. Our consultants can help you calculate the required number of ampoules for the entire course based on the desired dosages and arrange fast delivery.

On a long cycle, Gonadotropin is taken 20 days before the end of the course at a dosage of 500 IU 2 times a week. Rehabilitation therapy (PCT) with Clomid or Nolvadex is required.


A combined cycle with Dianabol at 25mg per day will help to build muscle in the shortest possible time. To improve the quality of muscles, a combination with Stanozolol at a dosage of 30mg per day or Oxandrolone is suitable.

Side effects

The anabolic acts gently and gradually, without creating a hormonal shock. In rare cases, it provokes:

  1. Excessive anger,
  2. Acne rash,
  3. Baldness,
  4. Gynecomastia.

The use of antiestrogens helps to correct the action of hormones.


This is one of the best steroids that activates metabolic processes and increases strength. In one cycle, athletes gain 6-10kg of high-quality muscles and retain the results obtained after the course.

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5 reviews for Testo-Non-1

  1. Ron Figueroa

    I have only recently become a fan of the Maxtreme brand. After recieving the Testo-Non-1 as a substitute substance, I was not too keen on the slightly cheaper brand but after trialing it im hooked! Great solutions and the kick in time is faster than some of the other brands I have used. Overal very good product, I am glad I got the chance to try it, or I would have never thought it would have been a better brand.

  2. Toni Lawson

    My most recent delivery contained 3 bottles of the testo non 1 from maxtreme pharma. Took around 21 days to hit me from over the pond. The gear is legit as I have had some great muscle increases over the past month, but their is some slight PIP to be felt. This is no issue for me though as the dose of active substacne is obvs very high as I felt it kick in within 24 hours! Nice product here from Maxtreme, will contunie to use this as my base compound.

  3. Luke May

    The Testo-Non-1 from Maxtreme has worked great for me recently. I did feel a litrle PIP at first but got used to it after a few jabs. The solutions seem to have good quality base oils and the effectiveness of the substance is very good. Been like a dog on heat and threw on 14lbs in just under two weeks of use. It is nice to know that Monstersteroids stocks some good quality Sus mixes!

  4. Travis Lambert

    I typically go for short esters as i like results asap but my usual supply was out and i kinda was lost what to get, i heard sustanon can be good but its mainly for longer cycles but i thought ahh why not this time, why havent i made the switch sooner i now ask myself. granted i didnt fully start to see physique results untill around week 4-5 as it takes longer to saturate your system but libido was increased quickly after taking. I feel just as good on this testo-non-1 then any other test i’ve had, maybe better tbh, i gained a great amount of mass and performance was up there!! Maxtreme i will be back.

  5. Homer Reid

    I’m a pretty high level powerlifter, so it is very important for me to have the best quality when it comes to my steroids. Maxtreme products never fail on that regard! I have never been let down by these guys and I can always count on the best results from my cycles. I am always able to increase my lifts while maintaining my current size so I don’t leave my weight class. Obviously I have a proper training and nutrition plan to go along with it! Would definitely recommend

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