Product Name: Promifen 50 mg
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Clomiphene Citrate
Package: 50 mg (50 pills)


Promifen is anti-estrogenic agent, with the active substance Clomiphene Citrate, also known as Clomid. The use of this product by Alpha Pharma is widespread among athletes to eliminate side effects from the use of steroid drugs, as well as to restore the production of natural testosterone in the athlete’s body. Clomid helps to maintain the muscles and strength indicators increased on the course of steroids, as well as protects the body against the occurrence of gynecomastia. You can buy Clomid at an affordable price on our website. 

The effectiveness of Clomid

Clomid has a number of effective properties:

  • Blocks estrogen receptors;
  • Increases the level of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones;
  • Increases the body’s natural testosterone production;
  • Stimulates spermatogenesis;
  • It is not a steroid drug.

How to take Clomid

It is recommended to start taking Clomid immediately after completing a steroid cycle. The daily optimal dosage of the drug is 50mg to 100mg on average, and the duration of use is 2-3 weeks. It is best to consult with a qualified specialist in the field of sports pharmacology for the selection of an individually suitable dosage and duration of administration. The drug is available in tablets for oral administration, it must be washed down with water in large quantities. The use of alcoholic beverages is contraindicated, since they have a bad reaction with the effect of Clomid.

Clomid side effects

Women are not advised to take this remedy, as it can disrupt their natural level of hormones. Clomid contributes to the preservation of the recruited muscle mass and strength indicators achieved during the course of taking steroid drugs. If Clomid is used incorrectly, headaches, fever, nausea and vision problems can occur.

Reviews about Clomid

Many professional athletes appreciate the anti-estrogenic effect of Clomid and how it reinforces the results obtained on a steroid cycle. The drug prevents the manifestation of various negative reactions to the use of steroids, as well as eliminates side effects that have already manifested. Also, many argue that Clomid can burn body fat and dry out muscle mass, making it denser and more prominent.

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