Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)
Package: 50mg (100 pills)

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Max-Drol is a steroid that is mainly used in mass-gaining cycles. It is available by Maxtreme Pharma in pill form. High safety, efficiency, and affordability have made the drug the most popular among sportsmen all over the world. The Dihydrotestosterone derivative, Oxymetholone, is the main active component (commonly called Anadrol). The drug has a moderate androgenic and strong anabolic activity. It is one of the strongest sports steroids in pill form.

Efficiency of Anadrol

If you follow the recommendations for its use, Anadrol will allow you to achieve the following results during a cycle:

  • Quick growth of good muscle mass
  • Increased endurance and capacity
  • Increased strength
  • Stimulated activity of blood circulation
  • Accelerated regeneration processes that is important for sportsmen who do regular intense exercises
  • Improved function of joints and ligaments

This steroid does not cause aromatization and does not retain water in muscle tissues. However, be sure to follow the recommendations in order to achieve the results without any side effects.

Rules of administration

On average, users take 50-150mg of the drug per day. This range is the most efficient one for progress and does not cause side effects. The maximum cycle duration is 2 months. After withdrawal from the steroid, post-cycle therapy (PCT) is required. It is recommended to use Tamoxifen for this.

Those who wish to achieve better results safely may combine the drug with other AAS. It can be perfectly combined with Sustanon.

Side effects

Before you decide to buy Anadrol, research all potential side effects that occur if the specialist’s recommendations are violated. The most common side effects related to Oxandrolone by Maxtreme Pharma are: liver toxicity at high doses, testosterone suppression, swelling, acne and gynecomastia. Tamoxifen or Clomid can help to reduce any estrogenic side effects.

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Delivery of Anadrol to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team.

6 reviews for Max-Drol

  1. Mitchell Benson

    After I see my mate blow up on these maxtreme naps I ordered some for myself and they instantly became my favorite oral. Stacked over 29.5lbs in 9 weeks running a ligth AI to hold of any excess water so my muscle gain was lean and clean. Fantastic cycle with a fantastic oral. A++

  2. Emilio Jackson

    These max-drols cannot be beaten! The gains and strength increases are solid and start to hit in around 3-5 days form the first tab. I add these into most of my cycles now as the perfomance increases are the best. Highly rate these max-drols from maxtreme pharma!

  3. Rudolph Meyer

    Only 5 days so far on the Max-drol and feeling alive! I already look much fuller and my strength has increased in only a few days. This is really amazing to feel and my gym mates cannot belive the kick in time of these oxys. The price for this quality of orals is certainly a steal! Top product form Maxtreme, cant wait for the next few weeks…

  4. Martin Wilson

    I have used Anadrol a few times now and it keeps continuing to surprise me. Just when you thought you can’t get any more results from 50mg a day… boom, youre up another few pounds. Honestly this stuff feels like the gift that just keeps giving. Just be sure you mix it with a high calorie diet plan and solid heavy training and you will explode on this stuff.

  5. Saul Burgess

    If you are looking to add freaky amounts of size and strength in a very short period of time, Anadrol is the steroid for you. This stuff will have you blowing up, not a single week will go by on cycle where you stay the same weight. Obviously you need to eat enough food, but trust me, if you do, it’ll be non stop progress!

  6. Luther Smith

    I’m a competative lifter and I was trying to break my max PB I had ever set on deads, squats etc as I was looking into a comp later that year. I thought I’d start taking some anadrol as its known for increasing strength, now during my cycle I noticed not only strength increase but of course I gained some solid size aswell. now this really helped me tbh, I achieved an extra 5% on top of my deadlift and I was stoked by this as I thought I’d never beat it. I will defo cycle this before I think about a comp so I know what weight cat to go in,

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