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Home workouts: Training the triceps

The modern rhythm of life does not always allow you to allocate time for a private trainer or classes in a specialized institution such as a gym. Tricep training at home will be ideal for those who for any reason, cannot go to the gym.

Three-headed shoulder muscle

The Tricep brachii is a muscle responsible for arm movement, in particular for the elbow to extend. It connects the humerus and ulna, consists of a lateral, medial and long head and makes up the entire back of the arm.

Thanks to this, the hand is pulled back when the triceps are in an extended state while the biceps bend. This muscle is used first in any arm movement. All the strength of the hands depends on it, and its horseshoe shape gives a beautiful appearance to the definition of the body.

The tricep muscles account for two-thirds of the volume of the whole arm.

Correctly pumped triceps will help with the work of the biceps and allow more nutrients to be absorbed in the upper arm. Working with this muscle will improve circulation and if given proper attention in training, can achieve impressive arm development.

To further enhance the growth of the tricep muscles, often oral substances are used to maximize the effectiveness of the diet and training outcomes. For greater endurance, strength and lean definition, Anavar, Superdrol or Winstrol are used for 4-6 weeks in order to gain this enhanced lean muscle mass which will sling shot your progression also.

How to build the triceps at home?

To pump the triceps as quickly as possible at home, you need to adjust the program with an emphasis on triceps. However, you should not do the entire list of exercises in one workout, as this will not give the expected effect. It is optimal to train triceps 2 times a week. You should choose those exercises that the body does not expect. This will provide “shock” therapy for the muscles and indispensable growth.

Warm ups

For the safety of the joints and the spine, you should start your training with a warm-up and perform the exercises according to load degree, from minimum to maximum. A gradual increase in load will help to smoothly warm up all the muscles and prevent injuries within the workout.

Tricep exercises at home

French press with dumbbells

In this isolation exercise, the tricep muscles work almost alone, so it is considered one of the most effective.

Place your feet hip-width apart and bend your legs slightly, keeping your torso straight. Use dumbbells or weights and straighten your arms, with the dumbbells facing the ceiling. The arms should be slowly bent at the elbows and then returned to their original position.

Do not throw weight abruptly or press your hands to your back. If you spread your elbows to the sides, doing the exercise, there will be no effect from it.

Bench push-ups

This exercise, in its simplest variation “feet on the floor”, is also suitable for a girl who wants to pump up triceps at home and without dumbbells.

To do the reverse push-up, you must use any available platform, such as a bench or chair. Sit down and rest against its edges, pressing your arms to your torso. Having risen, you should move the body forward and slowly lower as far as possible. To complicate the exercise, you can throw your legs on the second bench as shown in the picture, and also put a dumbbell or other weight on your hips.

Focus on the lowest point, and once you are at the top, you can relax a little. You should not help yourself with your legs, this can be bad for your lower back. Do this exercise carefully, extra stress can damage your joints.

For the first workouts, a small amplitude is also suitable, and having found your own pace, you can independently increase the load. With these body weight based exercises, many athletes struggle to complete these due to carrying too much body weight. In this case, Clenbuterol and T3 can be used for 6 weeks in order to rapidly drop off the unwanted excess body weight. After this cycle is complete, an athlete will be stronger and much lighter ready to perform well within these exercises.

Reduced push-ups

Push-ups with narrow arms. You need to lie on the floor and rest your hands on the floor. The elbows should be bent and the arms pressed to the torso. The main load falls on the triceps, so this exercise does not always work the first time, especially if you have not previously pumped your arm muscles.

Try to do at least one or two approaches, and as soon as you start to succeed, increase their number. The main mistake of this exercise is back arching. The body should be parallel to the floor and you only need to exhale in the upper third of the lift.

When lifting, the elbows are pulled back, not to the sides. If such a task is easy for you, put a backpack with weights on your back or do push-ups on your fists.

Bench exercise

Take a dumbbell in your hand and sit on a chair or bench with a tilted back. Raise and lower your arm, bending it at the elbow. Such approaches should be done in sets of 10 reps.

Choose a bench that does not bring any discomfort to the lower back and does not create unnecessary stress on the back. If you perform this exercise systematically, you should constantly change the angle of the bench.

Incline exercise

Use a chair or bench to support your unused arm. Bend at the waist and raise your arm with a dumbbell at a slight angle, with your shoulder parallel to the floor.

The lateral (external) head of the muscle is maximally involved here, it improves the definition of the muscles and has a positive effect on the growth of the triceps.

Tricep mass development program example

To build tricep mass at home, you need to train 3 times a week, 2 of which will include the following:

  1. Triceps on the day of push-ups – you can perform 1-2 exercises on the tricep muscles of the shoulder as finishing.
  2. On the day of biceps training – according to the principle of muscle training are antagonists. Conduct a full triceps training.

Complex workouts should contain several different basic exercises. Don’t get hung up on triceps, train your biceps and forearms also (if your arms are lagging behind). Record your workout results and add weights at regular intervals, depending on your current abilities. If you need to maximize your muscle growth, Anadrol or Dianabol can be used in order to promote a much faster onset of the muscle mass development.

Natural muscle recovery occurs within a week, so it is necessary to include training to the bursting point the program. If you do three times a week, then one workout should be training to the bursting point, and the next two sessions should be done with less stress. Training to the bursting point occurs every ten days, unless the right training aids are used. In this case, the bursting point can be taken down to 48-72hrs for full recovery of the triceps instead of seven days.

Growth conditions

There are several factors for successful tricep muscle growth:

  • Harmonious development — – implies balanced training of different muscle groups. You should not work exclusively with triceps, because its growth depends on other muscles as well. Two workouts a week will be enough to significantly accelerate its growth.
  • Proper nutrition — will help speed up the recovery of muscle tissue.
  • Adequate sleep —helps to accelerate cell repair and muscle growth. During sleep, the body absorbs and processes proteins best, which is also important for building muscle mass. Among other things, lack of sleep negatively affects the quality of training. You will not be able to complete a set of strength exercises if you start to work out while still exhausted.

The shin coverage should be the same as the arms in the triceps area and training of the shoulders will help to avoid disharmony.

Additional factors

A full meal is allowed a couple of hours before training. You should not eat immediately before training so that the body is only engaged in muscles and not digesting food. If you don’t have time to eat on time, use easily digestible foods like bananas, muesli, or nutritional bars.

An hour before class, you can saturate the body with the necessary carbohydrates. If your goal is to gain mass, then you can make a protein- carbohydrate shake or eat foods containing slow carbohydrates.

Before a set of exercises, you must drink at least half a liter of water. Do this an hour before your workout to keep your body hydrated.

Warnings and contraindications

Triceps are more prone to overtraining than other muscles, so do not over-do the number of sets. The more load a muscle has, the longer it will take to recover.

Most isolation bench exercises are not recommended for people with hypertension or low blood pressure. Heart disease and asthma will not allow you to work with dumbbells and loads, so you should not test the body.

Do not neglect safety precautions – as soon as you feel a sharp pain, you should immediately stop training and analyze your mistakes. Pay close attention to the position of the body and improper back loading can also lead to injuries.

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