Johnny 29 yo, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

Everything here on Monstersteroid is awesome. If you’re worried, you can always get a roid test, then test the product once you have it. I recommend getting the product of the week which is the Ultimate Test Enanthate, it costs $20 a piece.

Jimmy 39 yo, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

In my experience, all brands have the same potency, some just have better packaging. In terms of how much you’d need, I think you can do 400mg per week. A 250mg/ml vial of testosterone can last up to 12.5 weeks. For Arimidex, just buy one because you will probably not need much.

Jade 41 yo, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

For me, if your body is sensitive to estrogen, use Nolvadex instead of Anastrozole. Novaldex works immediately, while Anastrozole takes a while because it only stops future estrogen receptors. Good luck!

Jule 37 yo, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

You can buy 3 of the Test 250 on the product of the week. Those would last for 15 weeks if you’re going to run 500mg per week. I’ve used about 70% of the different brands out there. I’ll try Para Pharma, then Pharmaqo next. Any brand is fine I think.