Joe, 36 yo, 3 Year in the Monster Family

Both of them are good for estrogen, but for me, Aromasin has milder side effects.

Johnny, 42 yo, 9 Year in the Monster Family

It depends on what you think is best for you and what type of cycle you are. Aromasin permanently blocks aromatase enzyme which is why there would be no chance of having estrogen rebound, plus it can increase LH and FSH which makes it usable through cycle and into PCT. Adex on the other hand, only temporarily blocks aromatase enzymes which will make you more prone to estrogen rebound once you stop, also, it has no effect on LH and FSH.

Evans, 41 yo, 3 Year in the Monster Family

I prefer Aromasin over Adex. Aromasin Kills estrogen, while Adex only blocks them. The problem with Adex is once you stop it, you can get estrogen sides. Good luck!

Robert, 35 yo, 6 Year in the Monster Family

In choosing, you should consider which cycle you’re doing. If you’ll go with high aromatizing compounds, Aromasin would be the best bet because it completely gets rid of the aromatase enzyme. For TRT doses or non-aromatizing compounds, Adex would be better because it will only eliminate 75-80% estrogen if you take .5mg daily.