Abram 35 yo, 5 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

If you only have Arimidex then you should continue using it throughout PCT, but you should be ready for possible estrogenic rebound once you stop. If you have Aromasin during PCT, you can afford to discontinue Arimidex because Aromasin has suicidal properties.

Jonathan 29 yo, 1 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

You should continue Adex throughout PCT, then discontinue to try to lessen estrogenic rebound once you stop using it.

Kennedy 39 yo, 4 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

Yes, continue if all you have is Arimidex. The trick is to start lowering the dosage after your last pin. Good luck!

Everett 41 yo, 4 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

You also need to run Adex all throughout the PCT, but you should start tapering down your AI dose once you start in order to avoid estrogenic rebound from having a crashed estrogen. This is because your PCT are serms and do not lower your estrodial or estrogen levels. For instance, if you are on Enanthate or cyp estered tests, your levels will stay elevated for a few weeks before they start to convert to estrogen. During those weeks, until you start PCT, your body could have a rebound effect smashing you with excess estrogen that the serms won’t be able to control.

John 32 yo, 3 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

I agree that you should run Arimidex until your PCT and then decrease it during post-cycle therapy. The reason for this is because during estrogen conversion, it is possible to have problems with gyno and bloating. Arimidex is a good AI and doesn’t overkill your estrogen levels like Aromasin.

Frank 31 yo, 1 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

Personally, I do .25 mg EOD for 13 days after my last injection. .25mg ED is the standard. You can run it 2 weeks after your last injection.