Starc 35 yo, 2 Year Monstersteroid Family

I recommend sticking with the one that works for you. People have different reactions to different compounds.

Ridge 39 yo, 4 Year Monstersteroid Family

You should go with what works for you. I prefer Aromasin because it’s better at keeping my levels balanced and I don’t get any estrogen rebound once I stop using it.

Riverwood 41 yo, 5 Year Monstersteroid Family

Everyone is different, so you should go for what’s best for you. You can try to experiment to find out what it is. Personally, I think .5mg Adex Ed is too much for a 500mg test so I think it’s unnecessary. This is just a suggestion though, you can fit it to your needs. Good luck.

Nate 29 yo, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

If your primary concern is for estrogen control, Arimidex would be the best choice. It keeps estrogen stable which is important for joints.