Jade, 39 yo, 3 Year in the Monster Family

No, bro. The product’s name is very misleading. It’s not actually testosterone so you can’t use it as a base.

Wyatt, 29 yo, 1 Year in the Monster Family

I was doing some research about this because I was thinking of trying it as well. From what I understood, it’s not wise to replace test CYP with it because it’s a dihydro form of boldenone. I think it would be like dropping your test for eq. I’m not sure though. Good luck, brother!

Brian, 32 yo, 3 Year in the Monster Family

Nope, this product is not testosterone but a dihydroboldenone. It’s a great product though, and If you want, you can take it with your testosterone. A few things, you can feel some post injection pain from it, it’s better to order it when the weather’s not too cold. It usually crashes once it gets too cold, so you need to always warm it up.

Oberoi, 31 yo, 1 Year in the Monster Family

It’s a good thing you asked because the product’s name is quite confusing. Always double check the compound and not just rely on the product name.

James, 41 yo, 6 Year in the Monster Family

You can’t use this as a replacement because you can only do that by replacing it with another test with a different ester like propionate, acetate, enanthate, etc. This product is a dihydroboldenone so it’s not the same. A dihydroboldenone is more similar to a boldenone than testosterone. Hope this clears it up a bit.

Jason, 46 yo, 9 Year in the Monster Family

No you can’t. This doesn’t produce estrogen or DHT which you will need. If it’s for short-term and test-less then it might be good, but for an over 4-week cycle, you’d need testosterone in your cycle. Also, DHB as a base can be really painful. You’d get too much PIP from it. If you still wanna push through with it, try to mix it with at least 50% some other oil.