Jason 36 yo, 2 Year Monstersteroid Family

I think you should wait at least a month before taking anything else. Try to observe it first. Don’t start taking Arimidex yet.

James 39 yo, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

Taking Nolvadex 20mg daily for a couple of weeks can help you, man. If you’re sure that it’s a lump, nip it in because if you just let it be it might become permanent.

Jake 41 yo, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start Arimidex already and see if it helps with your problem.

Jade 46 yo, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

Yeah, I agree that you should take some Nolva or Arimidex now. Get a doctor’s opinion immediately too. Tell them about your situation and ask for a blood test. That’s what I do, I tell my doctor about my plans on cycling and PCT. Then I tell them that I want to have blood work before, during, and after it.