Smith 35 YO, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

Ask Monstersteroids maybe they’d know. In my experience, some of my orders arrive within 3-4 weeks while others take more than 2 months to arrive. COVID and the holiday season is also affecting shipments. Good luck!

Carol 36 YO, 4 Year Monstersteroid Family

Just check the tracking regularly. Before COVID happened I received my orders within 4 weeks. Now, my order sometimes arrives in 2 months or so.

Bravo 29 YO, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

No one can tell for sure. But shipments usually arrive from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Bricks 39 YO, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

I think your order will arrive before then. My recent order came 11 days before the ETA,. Before that some of my orders arrived 3 weeks early. Good luck and please give me an upvote.

Britney 41 YO, 7 Year Monstersteroid Family

It’s the holiday season so your orders might not come before January. I ordered something in October and it still hasn’t arrived yet. Order tracking doesn’t always work, they’re useless.

Bunny 32 YO, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

Well to be optimistic. I think it will arrive by then. My orders that came from Singapore arrived within 3 weeks.