Raymond 35 YO, 2 Years Monstersteroid Family

Technically speaking, anything with more blood flow increases size, so yes, it can make your manhood bigger. Not by much though, so don’t expect too much. It might only be fuller, girth may increase, and only very minimal change on the length.

Palmer 39 YO, 5 Years Monstersteroid Family

Sadly, no. Your member grows during adolescence, so taking HGH won’t affect it now. Hope this helps. Don’t forget to vote.

Oliver 41 YO, 3 Years Monstersteroid Family

Well, HGH may make some of your organs grow overtime, so maybe it can make your member bigger too. I think it’s too late now though. Maybe if you’d taken it during puberty then it might have helped. But you can still try, no harm in that.

Carlos 37 YO, 5 Years Monstersteroid Family

I don’t think so. If it does, I think it would be more popular. Plus, if it can make your dick bigger, I’m sure there’d be more marketing for it.

Cavanagh 38 YO, 3 Years Monstersteroid Family

Technically, HGH makes everything grow. However, you don’t know which specific areas it would affect. For this to happen, you’d need to have taken a lot which can also be dangerous. The usual intake of it is around 2-6 iu daily which won’t affect your penis’ size. What it can do is make you lean and build muscles so there’s kind of an illusion that your package is big.