Andrew 35 YO, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

Did you get a blood test to know that you have high estrogen? Are you experiencing any other symptoms? If not, you really should be using an estrogen blocker. It is unhealthy to do so. The testosterone dose does not require an estrogen blocker, especially not as high as .5mg daily. Try lowering the dose, if no side effects appear, then you really don’t need a high dose. Estrogen helps in muscle gains.

Broad 39 YO, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

That would depend on your blood work, man. But I think you should just take .5mg or 1mg twice a week. You’re on a 250mg cycle a week so you shouldn’t really be converting much into estrogen. I get severe headaches when I crash my estrogen.

Stuart 42 YO, 4 Year Monstersteroid Family

I agree with the other. You should do a blood work first. You’re using a high dose of Arimidex, my friend. I’m at 500mg per week and only take AI twice a week. .5 mg twice a week should be good. Good luck!

Anderson 49 YO, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

True, you should not take more that 1-2mg twice a week. Adex has a longer half life at about 30 hrs so you’d want EOD.

Jimmy 42 YO, 2 Year Monstersteroid Family

You would know when your estrogen has crashed, brother. You’d definitely not feel well.

Jake 32 YO, 2 Year Monstersteroid Family

With the dose of AI you’re using, you’d have more risk of crashing your estrogen levels. I don’t think taking more than 1mg twice a week is good for the dose of testosterone you’re doing.