Hamilton, 48 yo, 2 year in the Monster Family

It would be wiser to order them altogether because then you’d only have to pay for 1 shipping at about 25. With HCG, it’s a matter of personal preference. I once ordered a pre=mixed one, but some prefer mixing their own with bac water. What matters is that you store it in the refrigerator once you’ve mixed them.

Ryan, 36 yo, 4 year in the Monster Family

I personally order from AP and Dragon and I’m always satisfied. Just make one order, because even though they ship from different places, the fee would only be for one.

Rex, 32 yo, 1 year in the Monster Family

You can buy from any of those two brands for your HCG. Been buying from them ever since and they do not disappoint. Also, making 1 order would be the best. You’ll only be paying a bit more because there’s an additional fee for steroids and HCG.

Taylor, 36 yo, 4 year in the Monster Family

Don’t split your orders because Monster usually decide if it should be splitted or not. In my experience, AP and Dragon mostly ship together. Making only 1 order would also help you save. I once had one order but it came to me as 3 packages. HGH has a different shipping fee though, so that would be up to the system. Which brand should you choose? I used both of them and they’re both good. Dragon is cheaper, while AP is a bit more pricey but it’s worth it anyway.