Tyre 35 yo, 1 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

There’s a great possibility that you won’t need it. I had the same cycle and had no problems with estrogen sides. I only took some B6 to avoid the prolactin sides. The Tren helped in avoiding water retention. Just observe your body, if you see any side effects, start with taking half a tab twice a week then adjust when needed.

Jade 37 yo, 2 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

I suggest reading more about it before using Tren. Tren brings a lot of side effects so do more research. As for Arimidex, when I was at that dose I didn’t need it. Now though on my 11th week at a 600 with 300 deca, I’m starting to have sensitive nipples so I will take half a tab on injection days. If you’d want to take it as a preventative drug, do a .25 mg injection during injections days and increase if you get sides. Hope this helps and leave a vote!

Jared 41 yo, 9 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

I agree with the comment before me. Stack up on Arimidex and Caber, then use them only if you need it.

Frank 31 yo, 3 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

Yeah, if you don’t know how much Arimidex you’d need for a test, then you are not ready for Tren. If you haven’t had any cycles yet, don’t take Tren. Tren brings Prolactin sides, and it’s hard to distinguish that from Test sides. In terms of Arimidex, some people need it, some people don’t. Personally, I am prone to gyno which is why I went for Aromasin. You’ll know how much Arimidex you’d need once you do a test cycle. Do Tren once you’re more experienced.

Chris 36 yo, 3 Year in the Monstersteroid Family

Only take Anastrozole if you have side effects. Those are gyno (lumps under the nipples, or having puffy areolas), water retention, bloating, erectile dysfunction, and lower libido. Take a blood test so you can be sure if you have high estrogen levels. If you do, take Anastrozole at .5mg EOD because its half-life is at 40-50 hours. Take it until the sides disappear, then take .5MG E2Ds. If sides are persistent, I recommend stopping all AAS and taking .5mg ED. You can also take Nolvadex if you have gyno. Use 50mg until gyno starts getting better then lower it to 20mg ED. Hope I helped you. Good luck and be safe!