Brian 29 YO, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

Darker urine is usually a sign of dehydration. The dosages you mentioned are okay, but you should drink water more. Just try to observe your urine more, darker urine can also be an indicator of excess, unusual, or potentially dangerous waste products in your body.

Bryan 39 YO, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

The doses you’re taking are okay. I’m taking Arimidex too, and I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s not a steroid so it won’t affect your liver like some of the oral steroids do. Winstrol on the other hand dehydrates you easily, just drink more water and you’ll be fine.

Hamilton 41 YO, 6 Year Monstersteroid Family

There are a few ways to prevent dark urine. It’s good that you’re taking NAC, but it would also be a good idea to add 600mg to 1,1000mg Milk Thistle. Hydrate more and consume more antioxidants. The key is to flush out the toxins in your body. If your urine is still dark after this, then you can split your dose or stop. Good luck!

Ryan 32 YO, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

The doses you are taking look fine to me. Having a darker urine twice is not an area of concern yet, I think that you’re just dehydrated. Drink more water. If you’re still having problems, let us know.

Stark 34 YO, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

Drink at least a gallon of water daily. I don’t think the Winstrol is what’s causing your problem, it might affect your liver more, not your kidney.

Anthony 39 YO, 4 Year Monstersteroid Family

When I take orals, I make sure that I am hydrated so I can flush it out of my body faster. I take Methadone as well to help me. Good luck, brother!