Jonathan, 42 yo, 6 Year in the Monster Family

I think you need to read more before doing a cycle. I hope you did a blood test before you started because that’s the only way you’d know what’s normal for you. Everyone is different, some need AI, some don’t. I needed AI throughout my cycle but Letro is the only one that works for me. An AI reduces estrogen, but you are also using Dbol (on a high dose and a long period) which in contrast, converts to estrogen. It’s different for everyone, so you need to know what works for you.

Karl, 46 yo, 3 Year in the Monster Family

You should have studied more about the hormones that you put into your body. You could’ve read and researched about it on the internet. Aromasin controls estrogen in your body, it prevents water retention, high blood pressure, acne, and bloating. If you want to use it as a PCT, you need to change your plan and do it fast, before it’s too late. Be more responsible next time and use the drugs correctly. Good luck!

Jackson, 39 yo, 5 Year in the Monster Family

I agree with the others, you should do more research before taking anything. Though it’s not the same for everyone, generally, Aromasin is taken at .5mg every 3 days. You may not need it, or you might have to drink 1mg every other day. Aromasin is an aromatase inhibitor and is a good drug to prevent estrogen sides. Also, you should get nolvadex and clomid for your PCT. Good luck

Martin, 45 yo, 9 Year in the Monster Family

You can take .5mg every 3 days.

Michael, 36 yo, 4 Year in the Monster Family

You can take an AI during or post-cycle as needed. Start with the smallest dose first, ¼ of the tablet, then increase the dose if you still have symptoms.

Hanby, 32 yo, 1 Year in the Monster Family

Take only half a pill every 3 days. Taking it too frequently will lower your estrogen levels too much. Your body needs estrogen so that your bodily functions would perform well. Steroids also need estrogen to work.