Kurt, 38 yo, 4 year in the Monster Family

The best AI to use for getting rid of gyno is Letro, but this one can help too.

Lake, 34 yo, 1 year in the Monster Family

Get a blood test, hormone and lipid panel access, this way you’ll know what’s going on in your body. It’s your first cycle so you should only be taking testosterone and not take nandrolone since you still don’t know how your body reacts to AAS. Maybe, and I think that it might be the prolactin that’s causing your problems. Also, always have an AI because you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Rivers, 37 yo, 3 year in the Monster Family

When you’re running a test and deca, your nipples can get puffy or have lumps underneath. You can take some Arimidex at .5 to 1 mg every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to help bring down your estrogen levels. Arimidex’s lifespan is about 2 days and you won’t need ED.

David, 40 yo, 2 year in the Monster Family

You should have just taken testosterone on your first cycle. To address your issue, you’d need Arimidex and Caber. Take .5mg Arimidex every other day or daily this will help with reducing gyno. You can also take Petrodollars for it, then follow up with .5mg Arimidex to keep your estrogen stable for your whole cycle. Caber is for your heightened prolactin levels.

Mike, 46 yo, 4 year in the Monster Family

Try Caber and Arimidex, both of them can help you with your problem. Good luck brother!