Irtija 30 yo, 1 year Monstersteroid Family

Take it only during your cycle. The only way to be sure of your estrogen level is by having a blood test. You could also observe if you are experiencing any symptoms of having low or high estrogen.

Simond 36 yo, 6 year Monstersteroid Family

This is used on a cycle to keep estrogen levels controlled. There is no need for you to take Arimidex unless you need it. I think some people use it during PCT because it prevents testosterone from becoming estrogen. Personally, I use Proviron instead because it is milder and it promotes the efficacy of other steroids by lowering SHBG.

Clarke 39 yo, 6 year Monstersteroid Family

Use Arimidex on your cycle, then discontinue a week before your last shot to prepare your body for your PCT. Take .5mg EOD. If you still have water retention on that dose, then increase it a little.

Mike 32 yo, 3 year Monstersteroid Family

Take .5 EOD to be on the safer side. Compounds may have different effects to people, but if you still notice bloating and water retention, then bump up the dosage. Don’t forget to have a proper PCT after your cycle to avoid estrogen rebound.

David 34 yo, 3 year Monstersteroid Family

The only way to know your estrogen level is through a blood test. I always use Aromasin because it’s suicidal, plus you won’t have the risk of estrogen rebound. Aromasin permanently kills estrogen enzymes instead of just deactivating them.