Peter, 39 yo, 5 years in Monster family:

“Yes, this brand is good. You can buy your needles and syringes from Amazon. A 25 gauge 1″ is good for delts but I use a separate 18 gauge 1″ pin for drawing. The needles get a bit dull after drawing, so using a separate one will make things easier when you inject. Hope I answered your questions. Thank you for asking and don’t forget to vote!”

Greg, 43 yo, 2 years in Monster family:

Everything you see in Monster Steroids are good brands, so if you decide to buy from Ultimate you’ll be fine. Personally though, I think there are better ones here. I used Maxtreme before and am currently using Magnum. As for the needles, you can buy them in bulk from Amazon. They have 23 to 25 g variants there that are about an inch long.

John, 33 yo, 2 years in Monster family:

All labs here in Monster are trusted brands so you can rest easy. The others are right too, a 25g, 1 inch needle would be enough (you can use it for delts, glutes, quads, among others) and yes, I also buy from Amazon. How much test are you going to run? Good luck on your first cycle! Hope that helps, give me an upvote if it did.

Lincoln, 44 yo, 3 years in Monster family:

I think that would be painful, but go with what works for you, brother! I used big needles before, but now I only use a 29 gauge, 1/2 inch insulin needles for delts and quads. A 25 to 26 gauge would be good if you need a lot of oil every time you inject.

Bob, 31 yo, 1 year in Monster family:

I buy needles, syringes, and slin pins from Amazon too. If you’ll only be doing delts, you can use a 29g pin and pin delts. If you’re going to use more and exceed 1ml, you can also try using a 10-21g needles to draw, then use a 25g for the glutes.

Victor, 37 yo, 6 years in Monster family:

I can’t say much about Ultima, it’s new here and I haven’t tried their products yet. 1″ is the standard for deltoids, while 25g is perfect for draw and pin. As for your other question, if you’ll be doing just a pinning test, you can use the same needle to draw and pin. If you have more gear, then I’d suggest that you should have a 23g, 3cc syringe with needle attached and a 25g 1″ pin so you can switch after drawing. You can get your gears from Med Lab Supply. They have pins with needles already, or you can buy just the pins. They have offers of 100 pcs per box which are priced at $17 and $6 respectively.