Hammer, 36 yo, 4 Year in the Monster Family

The normal levels are between 10-50. I wouldn’t rely on blood levels though because it can be unpredictable. For example, when you get your blood work done it can be too high, then it can get low later that day. Just go with whatever you feel is right for your body. You’d know if your estrogen dips or gets too high by your 6th week anyway.

James, 34 yo, 2 Year in the Monster Family

The normal estrogen levels also depend on your testosterone levels. If your testosterone level is at the normal range which is at 500 to 600, your estrogen level should be at around 20 to 30 pg/ml. If you have higher testosterone level, your estrogen will also slightly be higher, around 30 to 50 pg/ml is normal I think.

Juke, 39 yo, 4 Year in the Monster Family

I think it would be about 20, then 50 to 60 is high, but not to the point that it would be concerning. If you’re getting a blood test, I suggest you take .5 Arimidex EOD and if your levels remain at 20-50, then continue doing it.

Jack, 29 yo, 1 Year in the Monster Family

On a cycle, levels should be about 30 – 40. It takes experience for you to know know your body properly and assess if you’d need AI for estrogen.

Jeff, 34 yo, 3 Year in the Monster Family

It’s good that you want to know your estradiol levels, but I don’t use it to know if I should take AI. Take AI based on what you feel. If you have symptoms, then use AI, and then adjust when needed. I think lab results are good to help you assess the state of your kidney or liver, but it’s not for things such as AI.