Andrew 33 YO, 4 year monstersteroid family

Sorry, don’t pay any mind to my question, I just misread the labels since I was on my phone earlier.

Jimmy 43 YO, 6 year monstersteroid family

Hey bro I see “10ml” maybe you got confused because the “1” kinda did look like a “2”. Nonetheless, the product description says “10ml at 250mg/ml” so we just have to go with that. Hope I helped you. Good luck and give me an upvote. Thanks!

John 49 YO, 9 year monstersteroid family

It’s 10 ml, because a 20ml vial would be bigger. The photo’s quality might have made it look like a “2” even if it’s actually a “1”.

Jade 29 YO, 1 year monstersteroid family

I understand how you thought it was a “2”, but that was just because of the font. It’s 10ml, such a shame, it would’ve been a very good deal if it was a 20ml!