Julian, 33 yo, 4 year in the Monster Family

It helped with my acne. I don’t have them anymore.

Bart, 39 yo, 3 year in the Monster Family

I’ve tried many brands here on Monster and they’re all legit. You should not base it on side effects alone. Everyone is different, and not everyone gets it. Accutane is effective for acne though. Buy some liv52 with it because they said accutane can be mildly toxic. Good luck and leave a vote.

Wally, 37 yo, 4 year in the Monster Family

It does help with acne. When I first tried it, I used 40mg daily and it was horrible. I had dry skin, lips, eys, and itchy scalp. So I only took 20mg, and the only side effects it has on me now is occasional itchy scalp. Good luck and please vote!