Varun, 39 yo, 6 years in the Monster family:

We would need more information on how you used it to be sure if it’s ineffective or not. This could be a case of a faulty gear–though I don’t think Dragon would have those–or you just used it too seldomly or in a low dose.

Bobby, 32 yo, 1 year in the Monster family:

You’re right, it could have been because it was used on a low dosage. I was told that I could pin EOD with Tren Ace because it’s my first Tren cycle. Been doing it for 10 weeks already. I started with 50mg together with 150mg Prop.

Michael, 44 yo, 7 years in the Monster family:

This is the first time that I’ve seen someone say this about their Test Prop or Tren. There was someone though, who tried their Dbol and said that it was bunk. If more incidents like this happen, I hope Monster would evaluate what’s going on and take necessary action.

Jake, 29 yo, 2 years in the Monster family:

Please keep us posted with your results. I bought this but haven’t tried it as yet. I did look into it though, and it seemed legit. I am currently using Dragon Cypionate at around 400, my blood serum should improve because I used 280 before and I was at 1,822. I’ll see if it really works or not once I get my labs in a few weeks.

Gurge, 34 yo, 2 years in the Monster family:

Results would depend on many things. You have to consider the dose, duration of your cycle, and your diet. Tren usually adds lean tissue while getting rid of fats, this must also be why your scale may not show it. Also, dry gains are different from bloat.

Pate, 30 yo, 2 years in the Monster family:

I had 150mg Prop mixed with 50mg Tren Ace EOD. This is my first Tren cycle and I’m on my 10th week now. My Has anyone seen any results from taking this brand’s Tren or Prop? I used it but I haven’t noticed any changes as yet. This is by far the weakest cycle that I’ve ever been on diet is clean, but I sometimes have cheat meals although I make sure that they are 2g protein/lb of my body weight. My weight have stayed at 275lbs and haven’t changed since.