Garrick 48 yo, 5 Year Monstersteroid Family

One way to avoid estrogen rebound is by using a suicidal AI like Aromasin. Dosage depends on your situation but some people use 12.5mg while others ned 12.5 mg EOD.

Zolomon 38 yo, 2 Year Monstersteroid Family

If it worked for you before, maybe you should just stick with that. If you want, you can also do a .25 Eeof vs twice a week.

Rip 32 yo, 1 Year Monstersteroid Family

You have not experienced any estrogenic side effects so there’s no reason for you to take an anti-e. I do recommend Aromasin though because it’s the most mild anti-e. Aromasin is only needed when your PCT is ready.

Nate 35 yo, 2 Year Monstersteroid Family

I don’t think Aromasin would be fit for you. You should stick with the 12.5 mg EOD.

Mick 39 yo, 3 Year Monstersteroid Family

I think that estrogen rebound is exaggerated at times. Just go with what works for you. The best one to use is the one that’s effective for you.