Victor, 32yo, 2 years in the Monster family:

You won’t find much reviews here for Ultima Pharma because they just got listed on this site. I can assure you though by saying that I’ve already used product from 20 different labs here on Monstersteroids and all of them are good products. Monstersteroids is good with filtering which products that they’d be offering.

Bart, 29 yo, 1 year in the Monster family:

Ultima has good reviews and I’m sure Monstersteroids has vetted them properly. you mentioned that you want to use 300 to 500 mg per week for 12 weeks. At that rate, you would only need 2 vials and you’d have enough for 16 weeks. If you’ll be doing 500 mg per week, you’ll need 2 vials for a 10-week cycle. Tests usually expires 3 years from manufacturing date, and if stored properly, you can even use it years after its expiration date.

Lincoln, 42 yo, 5 years in the Monster family:

Because HCG is water-based, you can use an insulin syringe, 27 to 31g needle.

Johnny, 29 yo, 2 years in the Monster family:

It’s a new lab so no one has tried it yet. Nonetheless, I trust Monstersteroids because they do a good job on studying which products are best. Also, products that I’ve used from different labs here are all good based on my roid test. With that said, I think this product would be good too.

Gregory, 47 yo, 3 years in the Monster family:

I just received 5 vials from them. I haven’t tried their products before, but that’s fine since every brand that I tried here on Monstersteroids is good. The number of vials that you’d need depends on the dose that you will use. There’s a formula for it so you have to decide the dose that you’d be using first. For example, every vial has 2,500mg, if you’d be running on 500mg per week for 12 weeks that means you would need 6,000mg in total. In this case, you would need about 3 vials.

Patricks, 39 yo, 3 years in the Monster family:

This brand is legit so you don’t have to worry. I think you would need at least 3 vials.