Karl 38 YO, 6 year monstersteroid family

You can do that by running a blood test, keeping your levels on the higher end, and running the least amount possible so you’d have minimum sides as well. It would also depend on the gear that you are using and how you convert.

Carrie 36 YO, 2 year monstersteroid family

You’ll only know for sure if you had some blood work done. For side effects, you should watch out for puffy nipples, acne, and water retention.

Kite 32 YO, 3 year monstersteroid family

The best way to check is by getting a blood test. Things that you should be keeping an eye on are puffy nipples, water retention, and lumps under the breast.

Joe 32 YO, 3 year monstersteroid family

Blood work is the only way for you to know that. And you’re right, if you’d have to choose between having elevated estrogen or having too low estrogen, it’s better to be on the higher side. An elevated estrogen is easier to handle than crashing estrogen. That being said, I recommend taking only a low dosage of AI and increasing it as needed. You can spot estrogen crash through water retention, having oily skin, and acne.

Jay 41 YO, 5 year monstersteroid family

Do a blood work a few times a month while taking the gear so you’d know how your body reacts to it.