Lincoln, 35 YO, 4 Years monstersteroid family

To answer your question, I use Lisenaprel to get my blood pressure on check. I would usually take 2.5 mg pills but I started to use 5 mg daily. I haven’t done any reading yet now that I take 5 mg, because I was planning to give it a few days to see if it would work. Lisenaprel is a blood pressure medication so they should work. I also saw another source for this brand but their products are 50% off. I’m not sure if it’s true though, because I noticed that some of the prices might just be a typo. For example, a vial of Enanthate cost $41, but if you buy a 10-vial pack, the cost is only $33 meaning a vial would cost only $3.3.

Michael, 32 YO, 3 Years monstersteroid family

Hi! Medication should be your last resort, unless of course it is a life threatening scenario. Some natural means that you could do to lower your blood pressure is by meditating, doing cardio, HIIT workout, jogging, and getting involved in other sports.

Tom, 39 YO, 6 Years monstersteroid family

Try using natural supplements first, before opting for meds. My blood pressure rarely gets high and I think it’s because I include CoQ10, red rice yeast, a high dose potassium, and magnesium in my diet. In very rare instances when my blood pressure gets high, I drink hibiscus tea to bring it down.