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Intas Pharmaceuticals’ products sold in the USA

Intas Pharmaceuticals is a vertically integrated global pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing, and marketing company operating in over 85 countries, including high success in North America and Europe has been producing pharmaceutical products since 1977.

High-Quality Pharmaceutical Standards

Intas Pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing facilities are approved by major global regulatory agencies including the USFDA, MHRA, EMA, TGA, MCC, ANVISA and more. This means they operate at the highest standard when it comes to safety and strict quality control.

At, we do thorough verification of all our Intas drugs sold in the USA to ensure they are genuine.

Affordable Intas Pharma products for all users

As Intas Pharmaceuticals’ reviews prove online, they have consistently been providing the American population with high-quality skin care products at very low prices in the USA.

Intas Pharma’s Product Range

Intas’ popular Amoxicillin is an antibiotic drug that helps to reduce inflections of the skin after the use of injectable steroids, as well as during post-cycle therapy as an acne treating agent. Intas Pharmaceutical’s Megamentin comes in various dosages, including Megamentin 375, Megamentin 625 and Megamentin 1000.

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