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Big bicep exercises

Big, well-designed biceps not only look good, but they also serve a real purpose, strong hands allow to give your best in multi-joint exercises, where they are “on standby”. Beautiful biceps are the result of not only hard training, but also a properly selected diet.

Our article with detailed recommendations will help you make the right menu for gaining bicep muscle mass.


The biceps muscles

The biceps consist of 3 small muscles:

  1. Long / outer head (caputlongum).
  2. Short/inner head (caputbreve).
  3. Shoulder muscle (brachialis).

The heads are sometimes called the biceps muscle, they are located on the outer upper side of the arm, so they are given the main attention, working on volume and definition. The shoulder muscle supports the biceps from below, giving them volume. So you can note the brachioradialis, it transmits the bending moment to the forearm while ensuring its movement. While working on the bicep muscles, it is important not to forget to work out the forearm muscles as well.

Basic biceps exercises

Usually, multi-joint exercises, such as deadlifts and squats, are called basic. But in the case of the biceps, although the basis of the movement is always the bending of the elbow, there is no pure isolation, so we can conditionally call them basic also. These exercises develop all the flexor muscles. They need to be performed for a small number of repetitions, up to roughly 10 per set.

Lifting the barbell with the biceps while standing

The simplest and best basic bicep exercise. It is mainly used for weight gain, as it uses a long head very well. The disadvantages of the exercise include a high load on the ligaments in the area of the radius bones and the wrist. The reason is that at the upper point of the movement, the hands are placed wider than the elbows and take a significant weight load. To reduce the risk for the wrists, you can use a curved EZ-weight bar, but then both parts of the biceps muscle will receive an equal load.


* With a barbell in your hands, with a grip from below (palms away from yourself), stand up straight, legs in a comfortable position and toes slightly to the sides;

* Take a deep breath, bending your arms at the elbows, raise the barbell to chest level;

* Exhale and slowly lower the barbell;

  • During the exercise, only the hands should work, you cannot help yourself by moving your legs or tilting the body.

The technique can be complicated, while greatly reducing the unnecessary load on the wrists without an EZ-weight bar. To do this, you need to securely lean your back against the wall, slightly putting your legs forward. When lifting, you need to bend your wrists to face yourself.

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Lifting dumbbells with the biceps

In fact, the same basic biceps exercise as with a barbell. Among the differences are more control over the rotation of the wrist and more load on the forearm muscles. An experienced athlete can find the right position for better fiber reduction. It is better to choose to work with dumbbells on the biceps if there are problems with the wrists.


* Stand with dumbbells, arms straight along the body and the dumbbells parallel;

* Inhale. Lift and when the forearms reach a parallel with the floor, slowly turn the dumbbells so that the hands are facing themselves, just as when lifting the barbell;

* Exhale while lowering;

* The elbows are firmly pressed against the body all the time.

If you perform this sitting on a bench, then unnecessary movements of the legs and body are excluded.

According to the ratio of injuries and the effectiveness, the best basic biceps exercises are with dumbbells. As the fixation of the elbow joints and hands is excluded, the hands can move in the most anatomically convenient plane.

Hammer curls

An excellent basic exercise on the biceps, which gives an emphasis on the shoulder muscle, gives definition and volume to the biceps and upper parts of the forearms.


* Take a standing or sitting position straight with the palms facing the body;

* Alternately raise the dumbbells to the shoulders with each hand, while the palms remain in the same position all the time;

  • You do not need to put your elbows forward, otherwise your shoulders will take up the load.

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Isolation exercises

Their goal is to refine individual bundles, giving them definition and lean mass.

Isolation exercises should be performed after the main biceps workout, with a large number of repetitions (10-30) and lower weight loads.

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Lifting the barbell standing with a reverse grip

This exercise is performed to refine the shoulder muscle and give a load to the flexors of the hand. It gives volume to the forearms, the biceps head is loaded weakly, but loading the internal muscles, it lifts the external ones. It will help to improve the bench press, where a reliable hand position and grip are important.

The technique is similar to that of the usual lifting of the barbell, but:

* The grip is carried out from above (in the lower position of the barbell, the palms are directed at the body);

* When lifting the barbell, the hands should always be straightened in line with the forearm, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Lifting the barbell on the Scott bench

Isolates the biceps heads, practically excluding all other muscles. It is this exercise that is the best for the formation of the” peak ” of the biceps.


* Set an angle of 70-80 degrees on the bench;

* Take a barbell in your hands and take a deep breath;

* Slowly, without snatches, lift the bar, holding it in the upper position;

* Exhale, calmly lower the barbell, fully straightening your arms;

  • It is very important to perform the exercise in full amplitude, lower the barbell down to the end. Otherwise, the lower part of the biceps will not receive a peak load.

Concentrated dumbbell lifts with supination

This is the best exercise for giving a special width of the biceps, as well as to improve the separation of fibers. It can be used as a replacement or addition to the work on the Scott bench. For a better result, it is better to do all the way full in a set. It is best to use a small weight to avoid the desire to swing and cheat.


* Sitting on a bench, place your legs at a 90-degree angle;

* Take a dumbbell in one hand;

* Bending down, lean the point directly above the elbow in the inner part of the leg behind the knee. The elbow should be fixed and the humeral bone should be perpendicular to the floor;

* Lower the hand down, the palm is directed towards the non-supportive leg;

* Slowly lift the dumbbell, with the arm turns outwards to minimize the bundles of muscles;

* Lower the hand down, turning the palm to the starting position.

Using various combinations of basic and isolation exercises on the biceps, you can move the construction of strong and beautiful arms, the brand identity of an athlete, off the ground.

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Any training and exercises are aimed at gaining muscle mass of the whole body. If you are just starting to form a muscle frame, our selection of effective exercises for creating a beautiful definition and a muscle mass gain will be useful to you.

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